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SunFest Custom Build


SunFest needed a big, bright, colorful, eye catching, Instagram-worthy entrance to their Art District. The solution needed to be weather resistant, look great during the day, and compliment the fun carefree attitude of local artists and vendors.

The Harbor Solution:

Inspiration came directly from the event – an outdoor daytime festival in sunny Florida. Working from the idea of daylight coming through a stained glass window, we created a few concepts around sunlight being colored through a translucent lens. Since the prime time for viewing was during the day, we wanted something that would look great in bright daylight in the air, in addition to providing a photo-worthy moment on the ground. The solution came in the form of translucent beach balls; we designed and built an 85’ archway full of colored beach balls ranging from 24” to 96”. The balls created a focal point in the air, as well as a great colored shadow on the ground. Attendees were delighted with the result taking numerous photos of the arch to post on their social media outlets.

More Photos, Videos & Press:

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Client: Sunfest Music Festival

Date: May 3rd-6th 2018

Location:West Palm Beach, FL

Services:Experience Design & Installation