Full Display House

Harbor Entertainment worked with MapLarge as their full display house to create, plan, and execute a new booth design for the upcoming trade show season. To showcase both their expanded services and team, MapLarge increased their floor presence from a 20×20 to a 30×30 space. The design was a collaborative process with the client to maximize functionality and included 7 monitors, soft seating groupings, 3 bar height work stations and a dedicated private conference room with sound attenuation. Each graphic in the booth was created with MapLarge and is a specific geo render of a set of data points. These were displayed as artwork with a museum placard to show location, hardware, and software used to create the image. 

As an extra draw to the booth, we added a dedicated coffee station with a barista along with a printed MapLarge logo with our coffee printer to each cup.

Booth Size: 30×30


Client: MapLarge

Location:St. Louis, MO

Services:Exhibit Design & Production, Exhibit Management, Show Logistics, Travel and Shipping Logistics, Installation and Dismantle