CMA Awards Customer Appreciation Lunch
Appreciation Event

CMA Awards Customer Appreciation Lunch Appreciation Event


Create an “only in Nashville” experience for guests traveling in for CMA Awards. 

Harbor Solution:

Harbor Entertainment provided full service event management for Back9Sport’s AMD VIP group lunch experience at Southern Ground Studios. Upon arrival guests received custom printed Nashville totes filled with snacks and local Nashville treats, such as Goo Goo Clusters and a CMA wine glass. From the hotel, guests boarded an executive coach to their lunch at Zac Brown’s studio, Southern Ground, with music from Drake White and food from pitmaster Billy Terrell. To remember the afternoon guests received signed custom event posters and CD’s from Drake White.


Client: BACK9 Sports

Date: 2018

Location:Nashville, TN

Services:Event Design and Production, Corporate Experience, Event Coordination, Day of Logistics and Management, Decor, Graphic Design, Vendor Management