MapLarge Exhibit
Full Display House

MapLarge Exhibit Full Display House


MapLarge needed a new booth presence for their upcoming 2018 shows. They committed to a 20’x20’ footprint for maximum space and functionality. Their needs included: plenty of screen space to showcase their software offerings, an open and inviting flow to get customers into the booth, space for their team to have short conversations, and more private space for in-depth one-on-one demos. They also required multiple data and power runs. As for design, the MapLarge team wanted something clean, fresh and neutral to let their branding be the star.

The Harbor Solution:

We worked with an open floor plan of standing height surfaces. The design utilizes four custom kiosks with double monitor mounts, a locking cubby for laptop storage & cable management, and space for stools. At the front of the booth sits a custom desk with locking storage cabinets and a huge space for branding with front facing elements. The back wall of the booth contains interior storage with access on one side wall. Flooring in the booth is padded and custom cut to hide power runs to each workstation. Additional LED lighting under all counter tops and over the back wall helps to give depth to the space. Colors and textures are kept light and smooth with a palette of grey, white and light blue.

Booth Size: 20×20


Client: MapLarge

Date: 2018-2019

Services:Exhibit Design & Production, Exhibit Management, Show Logistics, Travel and Shipping Logistics, Installation and Dismantle