Copperweld Exhibit
Full Display House

Copperweld Exhibit Full Display House

Copperweld required multiple exhibits to showcase their product applications. Harbor designed and built three unique setups with custom elements such as a built in keg with a Copperweld tap handle and a life size telephone pole. We continue to provide storage, coordinate shipping and onsite labor, as well as all other show management related items.

Being that Copperweld is a global company, one of their three booths was needed for their European office. We created a compact option that will live in Europe for the next 12-16 months.

Booth Sizes: (2) 10×10 and 10×20


Client: Copperweld

Date: 2019-2020


Services:Exhibit Design & Production, Exhibit Management, Show Logistics, Travel and Shipping Logistics, Installation and Dismantle