Blue Zones Project Summit

Blue Zones Project Summit Conference

Harbor Entertainment designed and produced all production elements in the general session room, main open congregation space, and three breakout spaces for the Blue Zones Project Summit 2016 in Fort Worth, TX.

This summit brings Blue Zones community leaders in from around the country to regroup and share their experiences. We worked with the Blue Zones team at Sharecare to create a space where attendees felt welcomed and inspired.

In the general session area we created a room layout, coordinated all production elements- video, audio, lighting, and designed the set piece. We created a stage look based off the meeting’s logo and theme, the Chinese ikigai, a venn diagram type structure used for evaluating valuable life goals and experiences. This translated into a giant organic set with a metallic finish and lots of blue lighting. Dimensional letters emphasized the meetings motto- “Our Power Can” and blue lighting around the room set the tone.

In the main congregation space at the venue we created a giant interactive time line wall based on Blue Zone’s community ideals; everyone is a part of the Blue Zones history and story. The wall was a futuristic curve with a magnetic surface for attendees to write their experiences and milestones to add to the time line. The wall also incorporated a screen to showcase live social media feeds about the event and community photos, bringing the time line all the way up to the present moment. This wall allowed the Blue Zones team to bring back recorded testimonials from community leaders all over the country adding a personal touch to the company’s milestones.

In the breakout spaces we added lighting, audio, video, and custom signage elements to dress up these smaller meetings throughout the summit.


Client: Sharecare

Date: Oct. 17th-18th 2016

Location:Fort Worth, TX

Services:Set Design and Construction, Production Logistics, Show Management