Avnet Partner Summit

Avnet Partner Summit Reception

Harbor worked with Avnet’s IBM team to create a kinetic sculpture and transform their ballroom into a fun event space at the Avnet Partner Summit 2015.


Given the prompt of making a kinetic sculpture and the conference theme “Ideas Never Rest” we created a 5’x5’x8′ sculpture featuring constantly moving orbs. These translucent orbs were carefully choreographed to change color and shape and even spell out IBM. This sculpture was one of the first uses of this product in the country and entranced attendees that walked by.


In the ballroom, Harbor worked with a golf theme and IBM branding to transform the room. Blue lighting gave the room a glow and attendees had many golf activities to choose from on their break including putt putt, Golden Tee, and Golf Challenge video games. Our custom made IBM putt putt holes featured blue astroturf and a 4 holes themed as IBM products. Golf pro and Big Break Ireland winner Mark Murphy hosted the room and challenged those that entered to a game of putt putt. Prizes included Golfsmith giveaways and included everything a golfer needs from tees to a custom club fitting.


Client: Avnet

Date: November 8- 11, 2015

Location:Sheraton Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, AZ

Services:Lighting Design, Custom Sculpture, Event Logistics, Graphics, Decor